Dear Prospective Participants / Dear Semiotics Researchers

Second Asia International Semiotics Congress will be held in Balıkesir (Türkiye) on June 27-29, 2024. The central theme of the congress is The Signs of Asia: Blues and Hope. The congress will be held with the valuable support of institutions such as the International Asian Semiotics Association, headquartered in Seoul, Anatolian Semiotics Research Association (ANASEM), Türkiye Semiotics Circle (TGÇ), Balıkesir University, Kore University, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, N10 City Research and Technology Development Center and TAMGA-Turkish Journal of Semiotic Studies.

At the congress, the main problems of contemporary humans in the aesthetic world, the signs of sadness and hope, the functions of social media, blues, and hope in contemporary discourses will be discussed.

In addition, concepts addressing sadness and hope in Asian culture and how sadness and hope are expressed in literature, architecture, painting, music, and animation in modern designs will be discussed in the context of sadness and hope with the terminology and methods of semiotics.

Participation in Congress is free of charge.

It has already been confirmed that respected scientists from countries such as China, France, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, and Romania will participate in the Second Asia Semiotics Congress.

In this respect, our organizing committee will be honored to be informed about the theoretical and practical studies in semiotics worldwide and the participation of researchers who want to exchange ideas about potential collaborative studies with world semiotics researchers.

The languages used in the congress are Turkish, English, and French.

We believe that the discussions at the congress will be beneficial for researchers who want to analyze literary, political, moral, religious, and philosophical texts based on the methods of semiotics, as well as graduate and doctoral students in these fields.

Furthermore, the Asia II International Semiotics Congress is an essential opportunity for researchers in architecture, music, painting, animation, communication, theater, press, media, and the like. For this reason, we welcome and respectfully invite those interested in the fields mentioned above to participate in the Second Asian International Semiotics Congress, with or without a paper.

Detailed information about the congress can be found on the ( web page.


  1. Asia International Semiotics Congress Organizing Committee